Encotor offers Kanecaron threads, the count yarn will depend on the specifications of the customer under technical conditions.


Protection clothes , comfort clothes , fabrics used in the manufacture of articles (garments,securities) that fulfill the specifications: 366 C1, IN 367 B1-B2, IN 373 D1-D3-E1-E3, IN 470 1, IN 532, high visibility, antistatics , electrical arch resistance and outdoors fabrics .


The Kanecaron fibers, present differential characteristics for the limit of oxygen, emphasizing the fact of being a fiber that does not found but carbonizes, act which produces a rigid surface that, after the combustion, continues contributing protection. The difficult inflamability is permanent, without it deteriorates for the action of washes. This characteristic is obtained directly by the modification of the polymer during the extrusion process of the fiber and it is not possible to alter it during the production of the thread, weaving, as well as for the care operations and maintenance of the garments. These fibers present a great dimensional stability after a high number of washes, solidity to the Light ( Fastness) and alcali resistente.

Fabric properties:



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