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07.06.2007 - KERMEL ®

KERMEL ®, one new fiber of high benefits destined to...


KERMEL ®, one new fiber of high benefits destined to obtain thread of high benefits.

Encotor, after obtaining the license for the manufacture of sewing threads, throws a new product obtained from Kermel (Poliamida-imida) fibers.

These threads of High benefits are indicated for the confection of protective articles (garments,securities) against the fire and are resistant to the flames of permanent form and guarantee a high level of protection together with an exceptional permanence of appearance.

The firts advantage respect of the rest of fibers is that Kermel is dyed in mass during the manufacturing process.

This particularity allows to obtain better results in terms of solidity of the dyes. V

Against  the threads obtained by other manufacturers, Kermel does not generate pilling.


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